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Workshop Day

Get to know four innovative consultancies in a relaxed atmosphere while solving captivating case studies with other students from TUM.

The IKOM Consulting Day is a free offer by IKOM, and each participating consultancy prepares an individual workshop tailored to their work and sector of interest.

For further information, please scroll down to look at the detailed description of this year’s participating companies and the workshops. 

For any inquiries, please consult the FAQs on our website or contact us via E-Mail at

What IKOM Consulting Day offers you: 

  • insight into a consultant’s everyday life 
  • valuable advice for your application 
  • personal communication and engagements with companies during the breaks after the workshops (Kaffee & Kuchen Time)

You will have the chance to spend a day at a congress hotel and to participate in two different workshops, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Between the workshops, during coffee breaks and lunch, and at the end of the day, there is ample time to talk freely with the companies‘ representatives and network.


How To Apply: 

  1. Click the Button „Apply Now For Free“ and fill out the forms 
  2. Via E-Mail at please send us the required documents:
    • your CV
    • Cover Letter [optional]: a cover letter would be a welcomed addition to your application 


Application is open to students from the 3rd semester onwards, as well as Ph.D. students.

All fields of study are welcome! 

IKOM Consulting Day 2024

Date: 23.05.2024
Time: 8 am to 6 pm
Place: Hotel Excelsior Munich

This year’s lineup


Mobility As A Service – das Geschäftsmodell der Zukunft? 

Im Rahmen des IKOM Consulting Days versetzen wir euch in ein Projektszenario in der Strategieabteilung des Volkswagen-Konzerns. Gemeinsam analysieren wir, inwiefern das Autonome Fahren als Wegbereiter für „Mobility-as-a-Service“ genutzt und implementiert werden kann. Ist das exemplarische Geschäftsmodell profitabel und sollte der Volkswagen-Konzern den Markteintritt wagen? Diese Fragestellung gilt es zu beantworten, um der Strategieleitung eine konkrete Handlungsempfehlung auszusprechen. 


Wir freuen uns darauf, euch Einblicke in den Arbeitsalltag bei der Volkswagen Consulting geben zu dürfen und eure Fragen zu beantworten.






Case Study: high performance/-precision (plastic) components through injection molding technologies

For the IKOM Consulting Day, we have selected the case based on a past project from Santiago. 

Due to the unique set of capabilities and possible growth paths, Santiago was asked to define a new strategy to explore and fully capitalize on the business potential. The guiding strategic questions which describe the customer expectations were put into three categories:

  1. Realize business potential:
    1. Given the changing market conditions, How can we explore and fully capitalize on the business potential?
    2. How can dependency on two significant customers be decreased?
  2. Build on strengths:
    1. How to leverage the unique set of capabilities?
    2. Which products should ABC build on in the future?
    3. How should ABC further develop its offering?
    4. How to leverage the BIG Holding?
  3. Define path forward:
    1. What are the growth paths to be tackled?
    2. What are the future target industries/ markets/ customers?
    3. What are the success requirements?
    4. What are the priorities? 

You’ll be able to solve the case within your group with the guidance of an experienced consultant. Learn about consultancy with the experts of Santiago Advisors!





Case Study: e-Scooter Based Micro Mobility

As a strategy consulting firm specializing in sustainable mobility, we work with companies to facilitate the transition towards climate-friendly and resource-efficient mobility solutions.


For the IKOM Consulting Day, we have selected a compelling case study, which you will tackle as if engaged in a real consulting project:


  • Your client is the CEO of an OEM-funded car-sharing company.
  • The client requests your team to explore future business opportunities in e-scooter-based micro-mobility to complement their existing service offerings.

You will solve the case within your group and present your findings to the client’s board, represented by a member of our management team.


Each group will be guided by an experienced consultant acting as a coach. This workshop is a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into the work of a strategy consultancy and develop your practical skills in evaluating business potential in the field of sustainable mobility!”  






This workshop will introduce you to practical topics from the fields of product management and market analysis. In addition to an overview of the semiconductor industry in general, we’ll familiarise you with the business areas of SUSS MicroTec. We will interactively develop an understanding of customers and markets and look at their needs based on exemplary end products. You will learn about our product portfolio and gain detailed insights into a specific SUSS product type. Based on the requirements of possible end products, we’ll introduce you to a methodical approach to gain insights into the market. We will consolidate the collected information and derive action recommendations to prepare strategic decisions for our product type. 







No, all of IKOM’s offers for students are for free.

To apply for the IKOM Consulting Day please send an email with your CV and your preference for 2 workshops to
Please note, that registration closes on the 10th of May at 8 pm.

Throughout the year we offer four different career fairs („IKOM Bau“, „IKOM Life Science“, „IKOM“ & „IKOM Startup“. We also offer free excursions and workshops with different firms.
For more information, please have a look at our homepage.

This year’s IKOM Consulting Day takes place on Thursday, 23rd of May from 8 am to 6 pm at the Hotel Excelsior by Geisel (near Munich Hauptbahnhof).

It is not necessary that you take your CV with you as we will send all CVs to the participating companies beforehand, so they can prepare.

Smart casual all the way! This means you can dress down and wear a shirt with a pullover and pants or dress up and wear your favorite suit or costume.